Lena Lumelsky

The clothes of the eponymous brand of the designer Lena Lumelsky represent an ongoing exploration of the notions of body, feminine identity and fashion evolving from the investigation into historical meanings and savoir-faire of clothes intertwined with a progressive outlook. With her mind committed to the for the new sartorial forms, combining sophisticated tailoring and innovative materiality, and her soul devoted to the craftsmanship of garment-making, Lumelsky deploys both of the mediums to create an empowering wardrobe for the contemporary woman.


The history of the brand is representative of the dialogue between the past and the future the designer is engaged in. With the collections drawing inspiration from tradition-bounded Amish culture (FW 2011-2012), or exploring the idea of futurism in “The Future is Now” collection (FW 2016- 2017),

the designer is constantly questioning the ideals of femininity and their coherence to the demands of nowadays reality. She tackles those with her intricate, versatile, often multilayered garments offering the client freedom to express womanhood in variety of ways and modes.


The multicultural background of Crimea-born, Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts educated designer, contributes to a rich vocabulary of meanings and sensitivities Lumelsky operates with. The inherent practical and symbolic meaning of the iconic garments represents constant point of reference for the designer informing her work and leading to unexpected interpretations of classic pieces through constructional and material experimentation.


Craftsmanship plays an important role for the brand’s vision of emotional value of clothes. Through carefully chosen methods of savoir-faire and impeccably constructed details of haute-couture quality, the designer believes the energy invested in making feeds the connection between the maker and the wearer, infusing a garment with invisible yet unique value.